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Guidance and Social Work Services

Kristie Soucy
Guidance Counselor
 More Information About Guidance and Social WorkSharon Audet
Social Worker


What Can Parents Do To Support Education at Home?

1.  Talk with your child every day about what happens at school.  Have this discussion when you have undivided time and attention to listen without distractions-if possible.

2.  Spend some time relaxing with your children.  Compliment them and recognize small efforts they may make on a daily basis.

3.  Listen to and share their worries.  Support what you believe to be good about the school.  

4.  Avoid scoldings when your child brings bad news home.  Listen to their reasons and offer your help to improve the situation.  Your children need to know you believe they will be successful.

5.  Value their education by encouraging homework and reading daily.  Provide the materials they need and a place and good time to complete assignments.  Make it a family habit.

Book recommendation:
Raising Emotionally Intelligent Teenagers:  Parenting With Love, Laughter, and Limits by M.J. Elias, S.E. Tobias and B.S. Friedlander