Principal's Message


Welcome to the new school year. The years in the middle between the elementary and high school are dynamic. The physical, emotional and academic development that occurs during this time of growth is fast paced and ever changing. We will need to work together to provide the support and meet the needs of our students during this time. As well as preparing our students for the 21st century education.  

We appreciate the generous support that we have received from our communities of Wells and Ogunquit. Parents/guardian and members of the communities have always given time and resources to our school district and activities. I look forward to working together to make our school district as one of the best.

We are fortunate to have the finest, dedicated, skilled faculty and staff at Wells Junior High School. Our students come to school and do their very best each and every day. They strive to be the best learners and school citizens possible. Our academic and behavior expectations are based on our Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Trustworthiness and Compassion. Our teachers and staff understand the middle level learners and provide a balance between academics, and the joy of learning. 
I want to wish everyone a school year filled with learning opportunities and a journey of discovery. Our faculty and staff are proud of our school district, and we will support all learners in having a great experience at Wells Junior High School.

 I am blessed to be the Principal, and it is a privilege to serve at our school. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at school. 

Chris Chessie