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    Grade 5 Language Arts

    1. CONTEXT CLUES - Students will use information that they obtain from a text to determine the best meaning for a given word. This will include multiple meaning words, homophones, and parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs).
    2. FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE - Students will define, identify, and infer the meaning of figurative language such as similes, metaphors, and personification.

    3. WORD STRUCTURE - Students will use knowledge of root words, suffixes, and prefixes to identify the meaning of a given word.

    Check out lexile.com below for a great website to help students selected appropriate books for their individual reading levels.

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    Follow the link below to an online typing class for all WJHS students for grades 3-8.


    To access our reading series on-line check out the website below.


    Unit 1 Meeting The Challenges

    Story One - "FRINDLE" by Andrew Clements
    READING SKILLS- Character and Plot, Prior Knowledge, Cause and Effect, Word Structure
    SPELLING-Short Vowel VCCV, VCV
    GRAMMAR-Four Kinds of Sentences

    Story Two - "THUNDER ROSE" by Jerdine Nolen
    READING SKILLS- Cause and Effect, Monitor and Fix Up, Character and Plot, Context Clues
    SPELLING- Long Vowel VCV
    GRAMMAR- Subject and Predicate
    Writing-Tall Tale, Word Choice

    Story Three - "ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS" by Scott O'Dell
    READING SKILLS- Theme and Setting, Visualize, Character and Plot, Dictionary and Glossary
    SPELLING-Long Vowel Digraphs
    GRAMMAR- Independent and Dependent Clauses
    WRITING-Friendly or Thank You Letter,Organization/Paragraphs

    Story Four - "SATCHEL PAIGE", by Lesa Cline-Ransome
    READING SKILLS- Sequence, Ask Questions, Compare and Contrast, Context Clues
    SPELLING- Adding -ed, -ing
    GRAMMAR- Compound and Complex Sentences
    WRITING-Feature Article, Word Choice

    Story Five - "SHUTTING OUT THE SKY" by Deborah Hopkinson
    READING SKILLS- Cause and Effect, Summarize, Sequence,Context Clues
    SPELLING- Contractions
    GRAMMAR- Common and Proper Nouns
    WRITING-Narrrative Writing, Word Choice
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    Unit 2 - Doing The Right Thing

    Story One - "Inside Out" by Francisco Jimenez
    READING-Compare and Contrast, Answer Questions, Author's Purpose, Word Structure
    SPELLING- Digraphs th, sh, ch, ph
    GRAMMAR- Regular and Irregular Plural Nouns
    WRITING- Summary, Focus/Ideas

    Story Two - "Passage to Freedom" by Ken Machizuki
    READING-Author's Purpose, Monitor and Fix Up, Sequence,Dictionary/Glossary
    SPELLING- Irregular Plurals
    GRAMMAR-Possessive Nouns
    WRITING-Story Review, Focus/Ideas

    Story Three - "The Ch'i Lin Purse" by Linda Fang
    READING- Compare and Contrast, Predict, Sequence, Word Structure
    SPELLING- Vowel Sounds with r
    GRAMMAR- Action and Linking Verbs
    WRITING- News Story, Organization/Paragraphs

    Story Four - "Jane Goodall's 10 Ways to Help Save Wildlife" by Jane Goodall
    READING- Fact and Opinion, Ask Questions,Compare and Contrast,Context Clues
    SPELLING-Final Syllables -en, -an, el, -le, il
    GRAMMAR-Main and Helping Verbs
    WRITING-Rules, Word Choice

    Story Five - "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    READING- Sequence, Graphic Organizers, Setting and Theme, Word Structure
    SPELLING-Final Syllables er, ar, or
    GRAMMAR- Subject-Verb Agreement
    WRITING- Interview,Organization/Paragraphs
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    Unit 3 Inventors and Artists

    Story One: "Wings for the King", by Anne Sroda
    READING-Author's Purpose, Story Structure, Cause and Effect, Context Clues
    SPELLING- Schwa
    GRAMMAR-Past,Present, and Future Tenses

    Story Two: "Leonardo's Horse", by Jean Fritz
    READING-Main Idea, Summarize, Fact and Opinion, Word Structure
    SPELLING-Compound Words
    GRAMMAR- Principal Parts of Regular Verbs
    WRITING- Question/Answer Essay, Focus/Ideas

    Story Three: "The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins", by Barbara Kerley
    READING-Fact and Opinion, Predict, Main Idea, Context Clues
    SPELLING-Consonant Sounds j, ks, sk, and s
    GRAMMAR-Principal Parts of Irregular Verbs
    WRITING- Feature Story, Organization/Paragraphs

    Story Four: "Mahalia Jackson", by Julius Lester
    READING- Main Idea,Graphic Organizers, Fact and Opinion, Context Clues
    SPELLING- One Consonant or Two
    GRAMMAR- Troublesome Verbs
    WRITING- Description,Word Choice

    Story Five: "Special Effects in Film and Television" by Jake Hamilton
    READING- Graphic Sources, Prior Knowledge,Author's Purpose, Word Structure
    SPELLING-Prefixes un- ,de- ,dis
    WRITING-Expository Writing, Sentences
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    Unit 4 Adapting

    Story One: "Weslandia" byPaul Fleischman
    READING-Draw Conclusions, Answer Questions, Main Idea, Word Structure
    SPELLING- Words From Many Cultures
    GRAMMAR- Subject and Object Pronouns

    Story Two: "Stretching Ourselves" by
    Alden Carter
    READING-Generalize, Predict,Graphic Sources, Context Clues
    SPELLING-Prefixes over-, under-, sub-, super-, out-
    GRAMMAR-Pronouns and Antecedents
    WRITING- Journal Entry, Focus/Ideas

    Story Three: "Exploding Ants" by Joanne Settel
    READING-Graphic Sources, Monitor and Fix Up, Author's Purpose, Context Clues
    SPELLING- Homophones
    GRAMMAR- Possessive Pronouns
    WRITING-Tell a Story About an Animal, Word Choice

    Story Four: "The Stormi Giovanni Club", by Lydia R, Diamond
    READING-Generalize, Story Structure, Draw Conclusions, Context Clues
    SPELLING-Suffixes -ible, -able
    GRAMMAR- Indefinite and Reflexive Pronouns
    WRITING- Advice, Voice

    Story Five: "The Gymnast" by Gary Soto
    READING-Draw Conclusions,Visualize, Generalize, Word Structure
    SPELLING-Negative Prefixes
    GRAMMAR- Using Who and Whom
    WRITING- Tell How You Achieved a Goal, Word Choice
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    Unit 5 Adventurers

    Story One: "The Three-Century Woman" by Richard Peck
    READING-Character and Plot, Prior Knowledge, Author's Purpose, Word Structure
    SPELLING-Multisyllabic Words,
    GRAMMAR-Contractions and Negatives
    WRITING-Editorial, Focus/Ideas

    Story Two: "The Unsinkable Wreck of the R.M.S. Titanic" by Robert D. Ballard and Rick Archbold
    READING- Graphic Sources, Ask Questions, Main Idea, Dictionary/Glossary
    SPELLING- Unusual Spellings
    GRAMMAR- Adjectives and Articles
    WRITING- Problem/Solution Essay, Word Choice

    Story Three: "Talk with an Astronaut", Interview
    READING- Author's Purpose, Monitor and Fix Up, Graphic Sources
    SPELLING- Greek Word Parts
    GRAMMAR- This, That, These, and Those
    WRITING- Biographical Sketch, Sentences

    Story Four: "Journey to the Center of the Earth", by Jules Verne
    READING- Cause and Effect, Summarize, Author's Purpose Context Clues
    SPELLING- Latin Roots
    GRAMMAR- Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
    WRITING- Persuasive Letter, Voice

    Story Five: "Ghost Towns of the American West", by Raymond Bial
    READING- Generalize, Graphic Organizers, Graphic Sources, Word Structure
    SPELLING- Related Words
    GRAMMAR- Adverbs
    WRITING- Advertisement, Sentences

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    Unit 6 The Unexpected

    Story One - "At the Beach"
    by Lulu Delacre
    READING- Draw Conclusions, Visualize, Sequence, Dictionary/Glossary
    SPELLING-Suffixes -ous, -sion, -ion, -ation
    WRITING- Expository Writing,Conventions

    Story Two - "The Mystery of St. Matthew Island" by Susan E. Quinton
    READING- Main Idea, Text Structure, Sequence, Word Structure
    SPELLING- Final Syllable -ant, -ent, -ance, -ence
    GRAMMAR- Conjunctions
    WRITING- Taking Notes, Focus/Ideas

    Story Three - "King Midas and the Golden Touch" by Charlotte Craft
    READING- Compare and Contrast, Answer Questions, Draw Conclusions, Word Structure
    SPELLING-Words with ei and ie
    GRAMMAR- Commas
    WRITING- Humorous Poem, Voice

    Story Four - "The Hindenburg" by Patrick O'Brien
    READING- Fact and Opinion, Ask Questions, Main Idea, Context Clues
    SPELLING- Compound Words
    GRAMMAR-Quotations and Quotation Marks
    WRITING- Outlining, Organization/Paragraphs

    Story Five - "Sweet Music in Harlem" by Debbie Taylor
    READING- Sequence, Prior Knowledge, Draw Conclusions, Context Clues
    SPELLING- Easily Confused Words
    GRAMMAR- Punctuation
    WRITING- Informational Article, Sentences