Winter Sports


~ 2022/2023 ~

Jodie Lawlor,

Director of Athletics 6-12

Dan MacLeod,

Wells Junior High School Athletic Director

Boys Basketball

Grade 8: Coach Marc MacGlashing

Grade 7: Coach Brandon Colbeth & Brandon Springer

Girls Basketball

Grade 8: Coach Sarah Quint

Grade 7: Coach Brian Belanger


Coach Tabby Goodale & Fionnula Duggan


Students are required to travel to and from any “away from” school events by means provided by the district. A student may leave an event with his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) by notifying the coach/advisor in writing, before the contest that his/her child will be leaving with them after the game. Students are not allowed to travel home from any “away from” locations with other participants parents/guardians.


Student/Athletes should not be leaving personal belongings/valuables in the locker room unless they are locking them in a locker. If a student wants to "own" a locker to put their things in during practices and games they need to bring in a combination lock and give the combination to Mr. MacLeod or Ms. Savage. DO NOT LEAVE THINGS IN THE LOCKER ROOM UNLESS THEY ARE LOCKED IN A LOCKER! THIS INCLUDES LAPTOP COMPUTERS!

Athletic Department Points of Emphasis

  • Please check out the video from the first Student Athlete Summit:

  • If interested in participating, please email Mrs Aldridge at

  • Athletes and Coaches will remain in masks at all times, and must frequently sanitize both the equipment used and their hands.

  • Please log into Rank One to confirm that your athlete is showing as “Green” and eligible.

  • In order to participate – You MUST have all Rank One forms completed and a valid physical on file with the WJHS Nurse, Erin DeMauro. Details about both follow:

  • For 2021-22 we will continue to utilize the streamlined online athletic program called “Rank One”. This system allows parents and athletes the opportunity to review and sign several required forms including the WJHS Athletic Handbook verification, the Emergency Information form, the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Consent to Treat form, etc. These electronic forms are identical to the paper versions that have been used in the past but allow parents to save information and electronically update any changes as needed. The Student ID# required to access your student’s information is the same as their Lunch Code (three, four, or five digits). If you have used Rank One last year, then your log-in information and password will be the same as in prior seasons.

  • Games: 7th grade teams will play the first game all year, in all sports, if it is a "same gender" doubleheader. If it is a boy/girl doubleheader the BOYS teams will play the first game. This is true for all sports this year within the league.

  • Athletic Code/Permission Forms/Concussion Awareness Form: These forms need to be turned into your coach prior to the first game. See below for the form.

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Sign up for this app and sign up for which sport you want to get notifications from.

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Sports Physicals

You must have a valid “physical” on file with the school nurse in order to participate. If you had a “physical” over the summer here at the school you are automatically on the list. If you had a “physical” from your family doctor you need to turn in a copy of the physical to the school nurse to be added to the list. “Physicals” are good for one year from the date of the physical. If your physical expires during the season you will not be able to participate until you get an updated one.

Updated information regarding physicals:

Student sports pre-participation clearance on record will be valid for two years with the following conditions:

  • 1. An updated health history form is to be completed by the student and their parent/ guardian.

  • 2. This form is to be reviewed by the school nurse. If there are no health history changes, then the student will be eligible to participate in school sports.

  • 3. If there are changes to the student’s health history, then the school nurse will notify the parent/guardian that further medical evaluation (and a written clearance) is required before the student is eligible to participate in school sports.

  • 4. Click here to access the health history form proposed for the “off” or interim physical year.

  • 5. Please be sure to indicate if your student athlete has a life threatening allergy, asthma, or other condition. It is expected that students will have their emergency inhalers, epinephrine etc with them at all games and practices.

  • 6. The school nurses, Director of Athletics, and School Physician Dr. Cote will re-evaluate this system in Spring 2021 and make a recommendation on sports pre-participation clearance policy going forward into the 2021-2022 school year and beyond.

Please follow the link below to sign up for and complete the required information for this program: