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School Clubs

School Newspaper

Advisors: Ms. Le, Mrs. Esch


Advisors: Ms. Valente

Ms. Dugovic

Green Team

Advisor: Mrs. Carbin


Avisor: Mrs. Le

Math Team

Advisor: Ms. Fanning & Mrs. Trainor

Student Council

Advisor: Ms. Smith, Mrs. Mitchell

Winter Guard

Advisor: Ms. Wright


2022-23 Intramurals are Listed Below.  The 2023-24 trimester 1 intramual list will be published in mid September.  

Trimester 1 Intramurals

September - December

Trimster 2 Intramurals

January - March

Trimster 3 Intramurals

April - June


Girls Volleyball

This different type of intramural that also has games versus other schools and practices more than 1 day per week.