Fifth Grade

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Grade 5 Syllabus 22-23

Here in the 5th grade at Wells Junior High School we serve as the gateway to your child's middle school experience. Our role is to make your child's transition from elementary to middle school seamless and positive. The home-school partnership is a vital component to your child's success.

Below is our contact information and a general description of life in the fifth grade. We pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive. Generally, email is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate. We all check our email daily, and we would encourage you to do the same. Often times we will send general announcements home via email or Jupiter Grades in addition to information that may be directed specifically to your child.


Christina Binette Math,  Science x3349

Kaleigh Moore         Special Education x3341

Tabatha Goodale Language Arts, Social Studies x3375

Cynthia McDonnell Language Arts, Science x3358

Rebecca Page Bridges Program x3318

Tasha Potter Math, Science x3377

Tiffany Petzold Math, Social Studies x3379

Cheryl Turner Lang Arts, Soc Studies x3351

Dawn Valente Gifted and Talented x3324

Course Descriptions

Math - The 5th grade math curriculum follows the Eureka Math program. Families can access all materials and resources online. 

This program has a strong emphasis on place value, including decimals to the thousandths. Fractions, decimals, and percents are examined at a deep level. Geometry concepts of area and volume, as well as properties of shapes and angles are also central to this program. 

Social Studies - Grade 5 Social Studies is a half year course. We begin the journey of American history, covering 3 major units along the way. Unit 1 begins with Native American cultures, followed by Geography terms, and culminating with Early European Explorers. Unit 2 focuses on the founding and settling of the original 13 colonies, with a particular emphasis on what life was like in the New England colonies. Finally, our journey ends in Unit 3 with the study of the major causes and effects leading up to the American Revolution. 

Language Arts-Although reading and writing are interconnected, grade 5 Language Arts has two blocks. One block is primarily for writing, spelling, and grammar while the 2nd block is primarily reading and vocabulary. We continue to use the Scott Foresman Reading text Reading Streets along with the Spelling and Grammar workbooks. Our focus on writing will be on narrative and persuasive/informational writing. Reading involves vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency of short stories and novels, both fiction and nonfiction, through skill work as well as discussion and reflection.

Science - The students have science for half a year in fifth grade. Our focus this year is on ecology, astronomy and Earth science. In ecology, we study how organisms interact with their environment. Earth science focuses on the makeup and workings of Earth. In our astronomy unit, we look at Earth's place in the universe.


Erin DeMauro Nurse x3309

Kristi Soucy Guidance Counselor x3307

Melissa Smith Social Worker x3313

Summer Roy Speech Therapist x3353

Mary Noyes English Language Learner Specialist x4200

Robin Reidy Occupational Therapist x3338

Janet Mayo Special Education Consultant x3502

Absences- If your child is going to be absent for a prolonged period of time (more than one day), please notify the main office and your child's teacher(s) directly. This applies to illness, family vacations, or personal family matters. The Wells Junior High main office can be reached at 646-5142.

Agendas- Your child's agenda is a valuable tool for organization and home/school communication. Each teacher will write the homework on the board and provide verbal notification at the end of each class period. Your daily signature is required to verify the completion of your child's nightly assignments.

In addition, the front of the agenda contains the Wells Junior High School handbook. This is a complete A-Z guide to all important information regarding our school.

Homework- Generally speaking, homework is given Monday-Thursday nights in the areas of Math and Language Arts. In addition to their written work, your child should be reading at least 20 minutes a night.

Student Led Conferences- Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year. At spring conferences, the meetings are led by the students who present a select portfolio of their learning.

WJHS Library- WJHS has an amazing library, which is located on the third floor. Students usually visit the library during their Reading or Writing block to borrow and return books.

After School Activities- Students are highly encouraged to join after-school activities that include games, technology, sports, book group, writing club, and service learning. Activities change each trimester. Watch the WJHS billboard for announcements