Sixth Grade

Supply List 2023 (3).pdf

Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year!

All of us are looking forward to our year together with your child. In this letter, there is some general information about how our team works. A daily class-time schedule is printed on the back. See your child’s individual schedule for what class occurs in each block of time. 

Our Team Leader is Bonnie Dill. Please contact her with general questions or concerns, to report vacations, to get help with Jupiter Ed (Jupiter Grades), or to share personal information that our team might need to know. For specific classroom/subject area questions or concerns, please contact the particular teacher of that class. 

Jupiter Grades: We use Jupiter Ed to communicate grades and to email you! If you need to update your email addresses or phone numbers, PLEASE go into the settings to do so. Let us know if you have questions about how to access/use Jupiter Grades. We encourage you to choose a setting that will send you a weekly update. In addition to the overview of current averages in each class, you can see the full grade book for each subject, with individual assignments and scores, by clicking on the name of each subject. We are happy to help you learn how to use this important tool effectively. Reach out if needed! Passwords will be sent home soon to each household. Students will create a student account at school, which is separate from your account. 

Team Members

Bonnie Dill Social Studies x3343

Sarah Downs Language Arts x3321

Karissa Cyr Special Education


Julie Howell Language Arts Social Studies x3378

Patrick Moody Math x3350

Noelle Nee Science x3347

Alyse Trainor Math Science x3357

Dawn Valente Gifted and Talented Math x3324

Messages For Your Child: Cell phones are directed to be off/silenced from 8:30 -1:55. Receiving texts or voicemails during the day is distracting for students. For urgent an message, call the main office, 646-5142, and they will find your child to relay the message. Thanks for your help in keeping distractions to a minimum.

Absences: Call the office if your child will be absent, 646-5142. It is also important for a student to remind each teacher that he/she has absent and for how many days. Thanks! We will do our best to bring him/her up to speed as quickly as possible. If your student is out for more than two days, it may be a good idea to reach out to the teacher to see if there is work that can be sent home electronically or picked up. This is assuming that your child is well enough to do school work while resting at home. You would need to call the office to make an arrangement to pick up work and let the teachers know before noon. A quick email is great way to handle this situation. We will work with your child to get caught up and reduce any stress. Your support in this effort is vital. Thank you.

Agendas: This is an assignment book provided to your child. We will be limiting homework to mostly studying for a quiz or test or completing classwork that your child was unable to finish in school. Homework is communicated to kids in writing and verbally, otherwise “NONE” should be written in. The agenda will go home every night so that kids can remember what to do for homework and so that parents are informed. Thanks for Your Support and Keep in Touch! 

The Sixth Grade Team