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Sixth Grade

All of us are looking forward to our year together with your child. In the red folder, you will find the daily schedule of a sixth grader. In this letter, there is some general information about how our team works. 

The Team Leader is Bonnie Dill. Please contact one of us with general questions or concerns, to report vacations, or to share personal information that our team might need to know. For specific classroom questions or concerns, please contact the particular teacher of that class. 

Jupiter Grades: We use Jupiter Grades to keep students and parents informed about school work. We encourage you to choose a setting that will send you a weekly update. You can see individual assignments that have been turned in, scores and overall grades in each class. Please let us know if you have questions about this. We also have included a memo about the Remind App we use. Please consider signing up, you will receive homework updates each day on your computer or mobile device. 

Email is the most efficient way to communicate with us. Email us with any questions or thoughts. We also encourage you to check your email daily for messages we may send.

To access teacher websites, click on the teacher name within the letter below. 
 Name     Position Email Address Voice Mail Ext. #
 Christina Binette Math Specialist 3378
  Science  3347
 Ryan Danley Math 3368
 Bonnie Dill Social Studies 3343
  Sarah Downs Language Arts    3321
 Christine Durocher Science 3371
  Julie Howell Math 3344
  Gillian Ramsdell Special Education 3357
 Dawn Valente Gifted/Talented Math 3350
 Marilyn Zotos   Social Studies 3358

Telephone messages: If you have a message that should be known before your child leaves for the day at
1:55 pm, you can call the main office, 646-5142, to relay the message or ask for our extension. Be sure to
tell the school secretary to advise us of your message if it is urgent.

Absences: It is important for a student to let each of us know if he/she was absent yesterday. With over 100
students in the grade, it is hard to remember who has been absent and for how many days. We will do our
best to bring him/her up to speed as quickly as possible. Often staying after school on the day your child
comes back is a good idea. If your child is out for more than two days, it may be a good idea to call the
school and have work left for them in the office. This is assuming that the child is well enough to do school
work while resting at home. You can pick up work after 2:30 if we are notified in the morning. We can also
send things home with a friend who lives nearby. A quick email is a great way to handle this situation. We
will work with your child to get caught up. Your support in this effort is vital. Thank you.

Agendas: This is the assignment book your child has been provided. Please know that all teachers write
daily homework or “NONE” on the board each day. We also tell students verbally and give time to record
assignments in the agenda. The agenda should go home every night so that kids can remember what to do
for homework and so that parents are informed. Please help us to encourage a good habit of writing down all
assignments. These kids are busy and need a written reminder! Keep in touch… The Grade 6 Team