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Sixth Grade

We would like to welcome your child to the sixth grade. All of us are looking forward to our year together. We
have included the daily schedule of a sixth grader and some of the general information you may want to know
about how our team works. Please let us introduce ourselves, along with our contact information, so that we are
available to you for questions and sharing of information about your child.

The Team Leader is Bonnie Dill. Please contact Ms. Dill
to schedule a meeting with teachers, ask general questions about how school operates, or to share personal
information that our team of teachers might need to know. For specific classroom questions or concerns, please
contact the particular teacher of that class.

Email is the most efficient way to communicate with us. We encourage you to check your email daily also so
that you can receive any general sixth-grade news or information specific to your child that may be sent out to

 Name     Position Email Address Voice Mail Ext. #
 Brenda Brown Language      3324
 Marilyn Zotos       Language Arts/Social
 Bonnie Dill Social Studies 3343
 Christine Durocher Science 3344
 Linda Gaidimas Math 
 Bruce Fearon Science 3347
 Paula BraysonSpecial Education

 Dawn Valente Gifted/Talented Math 3317

Telephone messages: You can leave a voice mail by calling the main office, 646-5142, and asking for our extension. If your message should be known before your child leaves for the day at 1:55pm, be sure to tell the school secretary to advise us of your message.

Absences: It is important for a student to let each of us know if he/she was absent yesterday. With over 80
students each, it is hard to remember who has been absent and for how many days. We will do our best to bring
him/her up to speed as quickly as possible. If we need to see your child after school in order to explain what
was missed, it is best for him/her to stay on the day they come back.

If your child is out for more than two days, it may be a good idea to call school and have work left for them
in the office. This is assuming that the child is well enough to do school work while resting at home. You can
pick up work after 2:30 if we are notified in the morning. We can also send things home with a friend who lives
nearby. A quick email to ask what has gone on is also a way to handle this situation. We will work with your
child to get caught up. Your support in this effort is vital. Thank you.

Agendas: This is the assignment book your child has been provided. Please know that all teachers write daily
homework or “NONE” on the board each day. We also tell students verbally and give time to record
assignments in the agenda. The agenda should go home every night so that kids can remember what to do for
homework and so that parents are informed. Please help us to encourage a good habit of writing down all
assignments. These kids are busy and need a written reminder!

Here is a general time schedule and guidelines for the sixth grade:

7:30 -7:40
Students go to lockers for allied arts and Period 2 materials then go to homeroom. In
homeroom, we take attendance, hear announcements, and share important information about
the upcoming day. If students are late (after 7:35), they must check in with the office.

7:40 – 8:50
Period 1 - Students go to Allied Arts.     Required classes – Mon., Wed. Fri.   Extension classes - Tues, and Thurs.
This is Gr. 6 teacher preparation time. If parents need to speak with a teacher, this may be a good time to
reach the teacher. Academic teachers are planning, grading, contacting parents, checking email/voice mail
and attending meetings. If at all possible, they will take incoming calls at this time, also.

8:50 – 10:00
Period 2 – (See student schedule for which academic s/he has each period.)

Snack Times- Students may eat a quick snack for the first ten minutes of periods 2 or 3 ONLY. We
encourage healthy snacking and the ONLY beverage allowed in our wing is plain water so that we
don’t attract ants in the basement. Science classrooms may not allow snacking for safety reasons.

10:00 - Locker Time – Students get what they need for Periods 3 and 4. They are expected to come
to class prepared with a writing utensil and all class materials. It is very disruptive for students to
return to lockers for forgotten items, so access to lockers during class times is limited.

10:00 – 11:10
Period 3

11:10 – 11:55
Period 4a- This is a split block.  We return to Period 4 after lunch.

11:55 - Locker Time – Students get lunches from locker and go to cafeteria. They will also return
materials no longer needed from period 3.

11:55-12:20- LUNCH

12:20 - Locker Time - Students get what they need for Period 5.

12:20 – 12:45 
Period 4b

12:45 – 1:50
Period 5

1:50 - Locker Time – Students get the things they need for going home. It is a good idea for each student
to check his/her agenda to see what books and materials they need for doing homework. It is hard
for students to remember everything they have been told all day long. That is why we supply and
support the use of the agenda in each class!

1:55 Dismissal– On Fridays, please check your email for office announcements.

Bathroom privileges are extended to students during the first five minutes of classes. For safety reasons, a student must sign out
to go the bathroom so that we know where they are at all times. This means that going to the bathroom between classes is not
allowed. First a student should go the next class and sign out…then go to the bathroom, returning in no longer than five minutes. Responsibility and respect for our facilities are expected so that we can keep our bathrooms clean, safe, and pleasant. Any special concerns can be brought up to a teacher or nurse via a note, email, or call. Thank you.